Volunteers and Staff

Salt Lake 2002 included more than 28,000 staff members and volunteers who joined together to produce the Games and welcome the world.

Beginning in 1997, the Salt Lake 2002 Human Resources department began hiring the 2000 paid staff members who arrived from around the world to lend their expertise to the Games. Headquartered in Salt Lake City’s Wells Fargo Center — the tallest skyscraper in Utah — this team ranged from accommodations and accreditation experts to financial analysts and photographers, all of them working to create the best possible Olympic Winter Games.

Drawing on Utah’s strong spirit of volunteerism, Salt Lake 2002 recruited some 26,000 volunteers for Team 2002. This massive force became the face of the Games, recognized at first by their brightly colored coats and then for their smiles and warmth. During and after the Games, athletes and officials from around the world gave credit for the great success of Salt Lake 2002 to these extraordinary volunteers.